"May The Thoughts Be With You" by Charlotte Reed

Recently I woke up to an email from the lovely Claire over at Danilo, offering to send over a sample pack of the new range the company has started carrying; May the Thoughts Be With You.

As soon as I read the email, I had to smile - I'd had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte, the designer of the range and author of the book May the Thoughts Be With You when I was in London for Mind District's mental health pub quiz last year. Not only that, but as I was on the winning team, I'm lucky enough to have a copy of Charlotte's beautiful book, and often find myself picking it up to remind myself that while things may seem bad in that moment, they do get better.

So, fast forward a week, and I took delivery of a beautiful little parcel from Claire, which included some sweet treats for me as well as a little gift for my little bump - thanks again, Claire, that truly made my day!

And then I reached the most important part of the parcel - a selection of the greetings cards available from the range. Mum and I stood and took turns looking through them, and both of us were left thoroughly impressed. While the designs are relatively simple and even childlike, that is part of the beauty of Charlotte's work.

May the Thoughts Be With You came about as a result of Charlotte's own experience of depression, which echoes so many of our own stories. In an effort to keep her head above the water, Charlotte began creating one drawing each day with an affirmation of some description (not the cheesy cliches you often find scrolling through Pinterest!). She later went on to self-publish her book, which she now sells on her stall at Portobello Rd market, so we can all get acquainted with quirky characters such as The Philosophical Fish and The Shoeless Guru, who will slowly help us find our own smiles again when the days seem particularly dark.

You can browse Charlotte's greetings cards here, and why not consider pre-ordering a 2019 calendar here?

Charlotte's book can also be purchased here.

One of the designs available as a greetings card from  Danilo .

One of the designs available as a greetings card from Danilo.