Why Social Media is Hit-and-Miss in Encouraging Communication.

Lately, I've been getting Facebook notifications informing me that people have been “waving” at me. I'm baffled, and honestly, I'm also a little annoyed.

Perhaps the fault is with me. Perhaps I just take communication via social media too seriously. But are you really telling me that sending a virtual “wave” to someone is more productive than saying “hello”?

To my knowledge, the Facebook “poke” facility disappeared many moons ago. I can't say that I've missed it because if I'm to be honest, the fun of “poke wars” wore off after the age of 14. There's more to life than repetitively clicking a button and seeing who gives up first.

However, that aside, I do have genuine concerns about this move that Facebook has made; and that's the fact that at a time when we most need to communicate with each other, the platforms we're using appear to be actively discouraging direct communication by implementing this “wave” facility.

I can't remember the last time I received a waving emoji from someone and thought “wow, this person really cares for me, and this collection of pixels arranged into the vague shape of a hand couldn't have come at a better time!”.

So please, for the love of all things good, if you actually care about someone, then use your words! I've said before that words have the ability to save lives; I never thought that I'd have to add that emojis don't.

Know that if you “wave” at me on social media, I will ignore it and wait for you to actually form some line of communication.