How far we've come. | #MHAW17

A couple of weeks ago, I had the utter pleasure of slowly sizzling in the sun whilst cheering for marathon runners at the top of my lungs.

"C'mon Dave! Keep going, Chris! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HENRY!"

It was truly an incredible experience, especially as so many of the runners were doing so to raise funds for mental health charities. From Heads Together to Mind to MQ, there were countless crucial charities represented on the streets of London that day.

We've come incredibly far. A handful of years ago, we could never have imagined members of the royal family having an emotional conversation about mental health on-camera. And yet, that's exactly what we're seeing now.

Something else that's sparking conversation is the controversial Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why. It's taken me quite some time, but I've come to be deeply uncomfortable with the series, especially now that a second season has been announced.

Not everything that boosts conversation is beneficial. Especially if it's as insensitive towards real people with real issues as that series is.

In conclusion, we've come a long way, but we still have so far to go.