"Do you support the women's marches taking place worldwide?"

Here's a shocker: Yes, I fully support and stand by the women, men, and everyone in between who is marching in defiance of Donald Trump this year. If you weren't a follower of my blog at the time, or if you simply don't remember, the extent of my trauma resulting from sexual assault first came to light when Donald Trump's words “grab them by the p***y” were being played on a loop on virtually every digital news outlet.

So is it really that big a surprise that I stand behind the people who oppose the man who brought back so many painful memories for me?

Let's get one thing clear: the people taking part in these marches are not “sore losers”. Donald Trump lost the popular vote by approximately 3 million votes. Meanwhile, approximately 3 million people marched through various cities in the USA the day after his inauguration. These people are not “sore losers”, these are people who believe in democracy, equality, humility, morality, etc..

And before anyone tries to say “well at the very least they can be peaceful”, the majority of people marching have been peaceful. Compare this to the protests that took place following Obama's inauguration (egged on by Trump, remember), and I may be so bold as to say that the people who voted for the current President haven't a leg to stand on when opposing the current protests.

This blog was never intended to become political. This is about my experiences as a person living with mental illness. However, as a friend of mine recently pointed out, politics often intertwines with personal experiences, whether those experiences be mental health related or otherwise. As such, I make no apology for stating my vehement opposition to Donald Trump on my website, let alone my passionate support for the people who have been marching against him for the last week.

These marches and demonstrations send a clear message: Grab us, and we will grab back. You will either come to respect us as you respect your fellow male millionaires, or you will live and die on the wrong side of history. Continue down this road, and you will fall over those who have fallen before you – and we will not be taken down with you. Understand that we do not want to see you take this path, however, if you do, then we will fight you, and we will use our last breaths to do so if we must.