"Perpetuation of victim blaming culture?"

I'd like to think that the topic of victim blaming is something that gets every woman riled up and ready to take down the patriarchy. Sadly though, I know that's not the case, having seen several women making throw-away remarks that equate to victim blaming.

What exactly is victim blaming? Well, let's look at a recent high-profile case, that of Brock Turner. Turner sexually assaulted and possibly raped an unconscious woman behind a dumpster at a college party. The woman had been drinking alcohol, leading several people to say that she should have been more careful, that she shouldn't have drunk enough to cause her to pass out. This, rather than saying that he should have got help for her rather than violating her.

Victim blaming is when we teach women how not to get raped, rather than telling men not to rape them. Years ago I was participating in a drug and alcohol awareness class - you know the type, where you're basically told that everything is bad for you and if you ever try weed you'll probably die there and then. Well, when it came to alcohol the instructor looked at the girls in the room and told us we should be extremely careful when drinking alcohol, and only to drink if one of our friends was staying sober. Nothing was said to the boys in the room; you'd think they'd at least be told "a person can not give consent when intoxicated". No, all the focus was on the women.

Now, if I've still not got your attention, maybe this will sit better with you, especially if you're a man: putting so much pressure on women to "cover up" and try so hard not to tempt a man to rape her, it's kind of insulting to men, don't you think? I mean, those instructions are based on the premise that men can't control themselves or don't know right from wrong.

No woman is "asking for it", regardless of what she's wearing or how much she's had to drink. So maybe rather than focusing on telling women not to get raped, we should teach men right from wrong, and make absolutely sure that they know not to rape women. Maybe we should start with giving men who do violate women harsher sentences than six months, and not release them when they've only served half of their sentence.