"Emotional pay-off of making someone smile?"

Recently I spotted an ad for a cool little company on my Facebook newsfeed. I decided to check it out as they were advertising free shipping in the UK on a miniature "message in a bottle"; and who doesn't love quirky little things like that?

After looking at the website I decided to send one to a friend who I felt needed something small to make them smile. Yesterday I found out it had arrived when I got an emotional and incredibly sweet message from my friend. Of course, at this stage, I'd forgotten I'd even arranged the message in a bottle, so I was completely taken aback until I was asked if I'd arranged for something to be sent...oops! I'm good at spoiling moments.

Regardless of my foggy brain trampling the moment, I had to smile. Here was a friend who I've spent the last few days just wanting to hug and chat with, face-to-face, and I couldn't so I arranged a tiny novelty gift for them, and they were likening it to a hug at just the right moment. That felt ever so good, and it's the kind of feeling I live for.

So next time you have an opportunity to make someone smile, I urge you to grab it with both hands. I promise you there are few things more rewarding than knowing you've made someone's day a little brighter.

Just think about it. When was the last time someone made you smile by doing something unexpected? It could have been a cashier striking up a conversation with you while you were paying for your milk, or even just a stranger smiling at you in the street. How did that make you feel? Why wouldn't you want to make someone else feel like that? Not to mention the fact that the happiness is generally returned tenfold.

Here's the thing, we as humans have a habit of letting ourselves fall into the trap of believing that we aren't worthy of other peoples' kindness. Yet it's rare that we think the same of others. Being kind to someone is a double-edged sword. You both get a warm and fuzzy feeling from it.