"Changing seasons and SAD?"

It's that time of year again where the days get shorter, the air gets chilly, we start putting our electric blankets on, and we're on Google looking for lightboxes to tackle seasonal affective disorder. I know the drill because I go through it every year. This year, though, things have changed.

I couldn't possibly tell you why, but I'm going to try to list a few things that I'm doing differently. They mainly involve giving myself something to look forward to and increase the production of happy hormones!

1) I'm kicking off the Autumn by going to a comedy gig followed by a bit of a road-trip involving 2 concerts and a live reading of a novel I read and loved as a child.
2) I have people! I have people that encourage me to get out of the house and socialise in real-life.
3) I've stopped drinking a bottle of wine every night.
4) The arrival of Autumn means it's nearly time for another survival anniversary tattoo!
5) Nobody will look at me strangely when I wear cosy clothes and do my makeup with rusty metallics.

That and, y'know, taking my vitamins to make sure my vitamin D doesn't drop too far, getting plenty of sleep, and eating lots of good food (plus some comfort food thrown in for good measure!).

It's also important to make the most of what sunlight there is, so try to take a walk each day if it's not pouring with rain.

Of course, there is the possibility that my SAD is simply taking longer to hit than it usually does or I'm doing an extraordinary job of ignoring it, to the point that I'm not even aware of its presence, however, I do genuinely feel better for the changes I've made this year. The blog helps too, so if you fancy seeing if unloading can help you, do consider writing a guest piece or two. If I can help people experience the therapeutic effects that I get from writing, then I'm happy to do so!