"What keeps you striving to help people?"

"If workshops and educational programmes were provided both by young people for young people that treated the issue with delicacy...more young people would be able to open up and discuss their mental health." This is a quote from the Erasmus+ Connections report* on Youth Mental Health. These words came from one of the young people we had correspondence with whilst compiling the report.

This is a view I've held for a long time, however, it's slightly different to hear it from someone else's mouth. It gives validity to my views, removes the bias from them, and fuels my determination to continue interacting with young people, educating them on mental health and supporting them either through their own experiences of mental ill health or those of a loved one.

If there are two of us out there who believe that young people helping young people is the most effective course of action when it comes to breaking down the barriers surrounding mental health, then there are bound to be more.

What keeps me going is the incredible evidence of a need and a want for there to be a smaller age gap between the people going into schools to speak with students about mental health and the students themselves.

Take from that what you will, but the bottom line is, I'm in this to help people.

*The report can be read here.