"Differentiating between what is and isn't worth worrying about?"

We all do it. We all sit up at night worrying about things that either aren't worth worrying about or that can wait until the following day.

Last night I sat up until 4am stressing about whether or not something was moral or ethical. My stressing would never and will never change how someone does something. If someone wants to charge incredible amounts of money for people to see one of their motivational talks, then they're going to do that. They don't even know my name, and probably never will, so what's the sense in me worrying?

Of course it wasn't until I'd slept and was in a better state of mind that I realised that it was pointless me lying awake and worrying about this. I also realised after waking up that I'd been worrying about it from the wrong angle - I should have been less concerned about the fact that this person is charging so much money, and more concerned about the people who are selling everything they have to go to this event, only to walk away without getting what they needed from it.

The money shouldn't be the issue for me, the people who are being drawn in should be.

Then there's the fact that I slept through an opportunity last week - I literally slept through it. It would have been a chance to have my voice heard by more people than usual, but I'd been up late shuffling my finances so I could pay for the website when my card bounced. As a result, I slept in, and woke up an hour after the opportunity had passed.

When it comes to differentiating between what is and isn't worth worrying about, I'm still learning. I've recently learned that there's no sense in stressing over a missed opportunity - it's gone, and if it's meant to be it'll come back around, but no amount of stressing will make the clock go backwards. I've learned that sometimes tasks like shuffling finances to make a payment can wait until the next day; because irrespective of how important it is for me to pay the bills on the website, I'd been given a period of grace to fix things.

Hindsight is fantastic, isn't it? Then again, so are mistakes, because they give us an opportunity to learn and grow.

As for that opportunity that I slept through, another one cropped up the following day. Watch out for that.