"Medical examinations following assault?"

In the run up to my breast examination last week, a few people asked me how I felt I'd cope with having a stranger touching what is normally considered to be quite an intimate area when the trauma of my assault is still quite raw.

The truth is, yes I was anxious about it, incredibly so. However, I needn't have worried. There is such an enormous difference between a medical examination and an intimate experience (consensual or otherwise) that I didn't have so much as a flashback.

That said, I did zone out a little whilst being examined, which caused complications in itself. I didn't express any signs of being in pain as I was being examined, something that the Dr remarked on. I can't say as I was pleased when she said "you don't seem to be in any pain".

I think if I'd been a little less anxious about the whole "is there something residing in my body and trying to kill me" thing, then I would have explained to her why I didn't express any pain. Then, later, when she tried to tell me my pain was muscular, why I knew it wasn't. Though, on second thoughts, would it actually have helped anyone? I don't know, maybe it would have helped the next woman.

Anyway, bringing the post back to the main point, no, being examined wasn't a triggering experience for me. So if you find anything unusual, please, please, please get it checked out. There's no reason not to, and getting it checked early is obviously beneficial in the long run if they do find anything untoward.