"Effect of films and TV on mental health?"

We all have that one film or TV show that never fails to make us cry. Sometimes, though, it can go a little further. Sometimes we can find ourselves being triggered by a scene in our favourite TV series or in a film we've thrown on to pass time in the evening.

Be it the religious extremism portrayed in Game of Thrones or the self-harm shown in early seasons of Orphan Black, or the scenes of sexual assault that seem to crop up in so many films; the world of motion picture can be a minefield for survivors of trauma and people with PTSD.

Even music can be difficult. I personally will never forget the first time I listened to Enrique Iglesias following my experience of sexual assault. The first singer I ever saw live now makes me feel sick to my stomach. Worse, one of my former favourite songs now sets my head spinning and drags me back to the events of the night I was assaulted.

So how about instead of laughing when people say they don't want to / can't watch or listen to something because of x, y, or z, we try to understand them. You don't even need to know why it's upsetting or triggering for them, just accept that it is and don't pressure them.

Remember; insensitivity is a choice. So is kindness. Choose kindness.