"Acknowledging, accepting, and continuing?"

Over the weekend, the social media platform that played a part in me starting this website was closed. With that, I felt the distance between myself and some of my friends that I'd made on that platform grow a little further. Until there was a rush of reminiscence blowing up my Twitter notifications.

What I was going to say was that I got good things and bad things out of the platform and the connections I made there. Instead, I'm going to say that the platform and everything I got out of it resulted in an awful lot of personal growth. I found my voice, I learned that sometimes recklessness can get you hurt (internet safety is important!), and it was during my time on that platform that I figured out alcohol triggers my depression and anxiety.

Then there's the emotion of looking back through old photos and being reminded of the really good stuff - like having a change of scenery and truly celebrating being alive on the second anniversary of my last suicide attempt. The laughter, the dancing, the cannolis and pizza. The silent late night virtual discos where everyone thought we were crazy because they couldn't hear the music.

The term watermelon night that came about when someone - maybe me - decided homemade cocktails would be a good way to cheer herself up...and ended up very, very sick.

New year brought new focus - culminating, for me, in the creation of this website - and as time's gone on, it's started to feel like we're old friends who've drifted, and we'll stop for a catch up if we pass in the street (the street being social media, in this case), but we've all grown with time.

Do I miss it? Sometimes, and that's okay; because what I don't do is dwell on it. It truly is a case of acknowledge, accept, continue.