"Maintaining motivation through fluctuations in mental health?"

One of the awful things about mental illness is that it can absolutely kill your motivation. This can become frustrating when your mental health is fluctuating because you can have a burst of productivity followed by weeks or even months of being unable to motivate yourself to work on anything.

I'm no stranger to fluctuations in my mental health. It's part of the reason I'm so grateful to my guest bloggers - they help me ensure there's never an empty weekday on the blog when I'm struggling. I'll get the odd burst of productivity which leads to me screaming for questions on Facebook so that I can write something before I get stuck in a slump again.

Maintaining motivation is tricky and I don't entirely know what to say. I find that making use of my bursts of productivity is incredibly helpful because it takes a little of the pressure off when I have a lapse in motivation. I think we're all a little more productive when we're not panicking about the fact that we need to get something done but don't know where to start, aren't we?

Asking for help when you need it is also a brilliant way to go. Sometimes my inability to write is fuelled by a belief that anything I do write is awful, so from time to time I get pieces proof-read before posting them or submitting them, just so that I know they make sense.

Hopefully this helps any of you who are creatives and struggling to be productive!