"Finding joy in the little things?"

When it feels like the world is on the verge of implosion, you generally have to find joy in anything and everything you can. Such things can often seem trivial to others. For example, today I received the first record I've ever bought. It's Jack and Amanda Palmer's You Got Me Singing. To some, it's a half-decent record of cover songs. For me, it's a beautiful piece of art that I've been waiting for months to receive after pre-ordering it. It's also signed by both Jack and Amanda, something that overwhelms me with emotion every time I consider it.

On a more global scale, lots of people are finding joy in Pokémon GO. It's encouraging autistic children to leave the house with their parents after refusing to go out for anything non-essential for months. It's giving people with anxiety an opportunity to interact with other players in the real world - which can be a huge step for a lot of people with anxiety!

Yet even with all these positive effects, there are still people who insist on making negative comments. I noticed last week that a meme was popping up on my newsfeed time and time again stating "if ever you feel stupid, just remember there are people outside chasing Pokémon". Now, I'm not about to apologise for playing any game. It gives me a reason to leave the house when normally I wouldn't. Why are we shaming people for doing something that makes them feel happy, even for a moment?

If you find something that makes you feel happy, then chase that feeling. Preferably not into traffic, as some people have done whilst playing Pokémon GO - don't get me wrong, I'm not condoning that behaviour, hence the fact that I believe children and vulnerable adults should be accompanied whilst playing. I just feel like it says more about the person poking fun at people than it does about the people playing when it's considered perfectly okay to bully them because they're doing something that makes them smile.

No, it doesn't mean that people who play the game are oblivious to everything else happening in the world. In fact, I noticed a lot of the people who were insistent that players are "stupid" play Candy Crush on a regular basis. Going by their logic, surely their time would be better spent watching the news every minute of every day, watching reports of the latest tragedy being played on a loop whilst they slowly spiral into a pit of depression?

Do your thing, and don't let anyone put you down. If someone does try to slate you for doing what makes you happy, how about asking them if they've ever played a game. Ask them if they ever turn the television off when they reach the point of emotional saturation and they can't take any more. Because chances are, they do the same as you, just through a different outlet.