"Staying on track with self care?"

Sometimes life can get really overwhelming. I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds that everything tends to happen at once, and it can lead to exhaustion and a feeling of being unable to cope. At this point, self-care is incredibly important.

A while back I had the experience of having to think on my feet when someone asked what I would recommend that may help them cope with all of the changes taking place in their life. I'm going to tell you what I came up with, and hopefully, it helps you too.

Some people are very good at remembering to take time for self-care, but some of us can get flustered to the point of not being able to think of any of the things that make us feel better.

In these cases, what I would suggest is sitting down with some pens and paper to write a self-care plan or list. Just sit and write down some of the things you know make you feel better. You can draw on it and colour it in to make it pretty if you wish. Then put it on your wall or fridge. Somewhere that you'll see it on a regular basis and be reminded of the things that make you feel better when you're finding things tough.

The theory is, you'll have something to refer to when you're going through stress-induced brain fog. You can pick something from the list, and if it doesn't work, pick something else. It's all about leaving your options open!

Some of the things you might consider putting on your list:

- Colour
- Read
- Have a bath / shower
- Go for a walk
- Chat to a friend
- Cuddle with a pet

Remember, this list is yours. Make it your own, and if you discover something new that lifts your spirits, add it to the list!