"Avoiding burnout?"

Avoiding burnout is important, but it isn't easy, especially not if you're a bit of a perfectionist like myself. Take the blog for example; it's so easy for me to get burnt out whilst managing it. It has been known for it to happen, too.

One of the ways I avoid burnout is by delegating; I bring guest bloggers on from time to time, not only to give a different perspective but to relieve some of the pressure I feel. It's pretty difficult to put out a new blog post every weekday, especially with the stresses of everyday life.

Until now, I've only had one guest blogger per month. I've been saying for a while that this will probably change, that I'll probably bring on a couple of guests each month; but I've been making myself feel guilty. I've been telling myself that because it's my name at the top of the website, I ought to be the one creating the content that goes on it.

This month, that's changing. I've got one week set aside that will consist of guest bloggers and only guest bloggers. The most work I'll do for the site in that week is write the newsletter and write the following week's blog posts.

That's going to take an enormous amount of pressure off. I'll be able to go to meetings without worrying about the fact that I've got x number of blog posts to write. I'll be able to sleep instead of working through the night. I'll be able to focus on me.

I'm in the middle of a bit of a health scare just now. It's nothing to worry about at this stage, but it's something I need to stop hiding from. Delegation is going to allow me to do that.