"What upsets you the most?"

Occasionally I see something relating to mental health that reduces me to tears and / or leaves me shaking with anger. My head will spin, my heart will pound, and I invariably want to scream from the rooftops about how ignorant people can be.

For example, I recently read a post denying that mental illness exists in teenagers and that it's simply a case of children not being brought up with boundaries. The number of "likes" were well into double digits, and the number of people agreeing with the sentiment of the original poster terrified me.

The thing about such posts is, they perpetuate stigma and misconceptions. They also force me to look at the bigger picture and acknowledge how far we have to go in the battle to get mental illness recognised.

Why on earth mental illness is seen as valid in adults but not in young people is beyond me. Apologies if this post is beginning to sound like a rant, but really. Do these people think that when you turn 18, someone waves a magic wand and all of a sudden your emotions and psychological imbalances become valid?

Since when did these "keyboard psychiatrists" receive the authority to decide who is and isn't ill?

I hope anyone who thinks they have the right to undermine another person's reality in such a way goes to bed at night feeling thoroughly ashamed of themselves; because quite frankly, it's disgusting behaviour.