"Anxiety and relationships?"

Okay, so admittedly I'm not the best person to write about this. I've never been in a long term relationship, so I've never had the experience of needing to give a partner time to get used to my "quirks".

However, I have had the experience of being open to a relationship, going in with my cards on the table, and falling at each and every hurdle. Fair enough, it can be overwhelming finding someone who goes through months of depression, months of anxiety, months of mania...

I have no idea when the "right time" is to open up about my mental illness. For me, I'd rather know from the start so that I can prepare myself for any bumps in the road that my partner may encounter, mainly so that I can stand by them and be as supportive as possible.

However, I seem to get two reactions when I tell potential partners about my mental illness: 1. They also open up, so I open up a little more and tell them about the blog. This invariably leads to them finding the blog and telling me their life story or even asking for advice - a majorly uncomfortable experience for me. 2. They find me too intense or even cut off all contact without any explanation.

Now, generally, I avoid ending a blog with a question, but I'm really interested in knowing...when do you think is the right time to tell a potential partner about your mental illness?