"Travel and anxiety?"

With it coming up to holiday season, I figured it was appropriate to do a post on managing your anxiety while you're travelling. Now, here's the thing; I'm not a particularly anxious traveller. In fact, I'm a bit of a restless traveller. Put me on a plane for 6 or 7 hours and I'll get bored, stiff, and generally fed up. So I've got a couple of tips, but I'm also going to include a few from other people.

- Rescue Remedy! Be it pastels or drops, rescue remedy is fab for helping you keep a level head. It may actually be how I stay calm on flights because I always take a tin of Rescue Remedy pastels with me. It also helps with the ear popping during take-off and landing!

- I don't know about you, but when I'm packing I always get a nagging anxiety that I'm forgetting something. In this instance, a checklist may be helpful, and only tick things off when they are definitely in your case! I'll never forget arriving in New York and thinking I'd left my Spanx in a hotel room in London. I got home and they'd been on my bedroom floor all along!

- "I try to plan everything extra early. It clashes with my boyfriend, who tends to be last minute, but I can only breathe easy if I'm packed, leaving early, arriving with at least an hour to spare - and that's with hand luggage. In general, plan early, have boarding passes printed AND on my phone, have cosmetics packed separately already. In the case of trains, have the correct platform checked out early if possible. I tend to check out alternative routes if applicable, as well, although I don't always do that. If all else fails, I close my eyes and breathe, as I'm not the one driving!" -Rita Suszek

- "I'd say avoid crowded, noisy places. I don't know if it's the same for everyone but for me, the fast paced energy where everyone is running around trying to get someplace just accelerates the anxiety. I think it helps to be in calm, quiet open spaces where you can bring it back to your breathing." -Chloë Forbes-Kindlen

- "When taking deep breaths just reassure yourself that you're fine, there's nothing wrong with feeling anxious and that you are in control. You are not your mind and you're the one who controls how you react, adapt, breathe and take action in any given situation. Breathing is so important and breathing properly - because most of us don't." -Chloë Forbes-Kindlen

- If you're travelling with friends, do your best to make them aware of the fact that you suffer from anxiety. Let them know if you're struggling, and make sure you have phone numbers and such in case you get separated. If possible, let them know how your anxiety manifests, and try to think how they can best support you in a worst case scenario e.g. a severe panic attack.

- "If you're travelling with a child with autism then special assistance is a must they get you through security with no queuing and onboard the plane." -Tracy Mearns

- "For crowd-based anxiety, I mostly focus on the task at hand and then try to kind of... zone out? Not look at the crowds around me. If I'm standing in line I can look at my phone or watch the security checkpoint (because it's a bottleneck so there are fewer people), and if I'm walking through the airport I mostly look at the signs and just look at the people enough to not run into anyone. Looking at the signs also keeps me from being concerned about getting lost. Once I'm at the gate, I'll sit on my phone or read a book out of the way so I'm less aware of how many people are around." -Lena Knechtel

So there you have it, I hope this helps you out a little if you're jetting off somewhere sunny this Summer!

I'm also going to give a quick shoutout to Chloë because she's an incredible person and outstanding businesswoman. If you need any help with social media marketing, be sure to head over to C4Compete and Chloë will sort you out!