"Not feeling good enough?"

I think at some stage we all have an internal narrative telling us we're "not good enough". Be it because we're comparing ourselves to someone or someone has said something and we've taken it seriously, sometimes self-doubt just creeps in.

The thing about self-doubt is if we don't shut it down it can begin to affect everything we do. It's held me back in terms of relationships, education, work...

Of course, shutting down self-doubt is easier said than done - isn't everything? Even now, with this website, I occasionally find self-doubt creeping in. Yet the very act of building the website was an act of defiance. Launching it was another. Every blog post I publish is me shutting down self-doubt.

So this is going to be a pretty short post because for me the best way to shut down the self-doubt is to keep going. Keep going, keep reaching more and more people, keep working to change the world.

Just be you. You are good enough. You're more than good enough. You are fantastic.