One of the things that's stuck with me since I went to my former high school to speak with a class about mental health is the amazement on one young girl's face. She was completely blown away by the fact that a friend of mine had told our class that I was self harming for attention. She couldn't believe that someone would be so hurtful.

For a moment, I was stuck for a response, because honestly, it still shocks me that anyone would want to hurt another person so much. However, I wasn't stuck for long, and my response was as much a lesson for me as anyone else.

As human beings, especially young people, we're often inclined to place our happiness in other people's hands. From the moment that we do that, we rely on those people to make us happy. This means that if they let us down, it can feel like the end of the world. Logically we know that it isn't, however emotions don't always follow logic, and mental illness certainly doesn't.

It goes without saying that when we allow someone else to be responsible for our happiness, it can quickly become unhealthy. So the very best advice I can give is to take control. Find something that makes you happy, not someone. Be comfortable with your own company. Find a hobby that doesn't rely on other people.

Make sure you hold on to the key to your happiness. Don't place it in other peoples' hands. There will be people in all walks of life who you think you can trust, and sometimes those people won't waste any time in showing you why you can't trust them. 
Please, just don't give anyone the power to be your downfall.


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