"Mental health and the media?"

Generally, when I see mention of mental health in the media, I'm thrilled! Recently BBC Radio 4 had a segment on anxiety, and I can't tell you how pleased I was to hear that there was finally discussion happening around mental health.

Unfortunately, that satisfaction was short lived, as within a few days there was another report from the BBC. On the June 8th at approximately 6.15pm, a reporter stated "police are becoming increasingly concerned that mentally ill people may become motivated by Jihadist propaganda.

Now, I'm often thrown in with a group of people who've gained the label "professionally offended", so please hear me out.

You only have to go on Facebook or Twitter to see that there are a handful of (potentially dangerous) people who are happy enough to view all Muslims as terrorists. How do you think that happened? I personally feel that if reports such as the aforementioned continue to be aired, then it won't be long before everyone with a mental illness is labelled a potential terrorist threat by the exact people who attack the Muslim community day in, day out.

Isn't it hard enough for people with mental illness to speak out? Do we really need to make it any harder?

Maybe I'm being bold or taking a risk in saying this, because I am on the BBC Generation 2016 list, but it is my opinion that the BBC were completely irresponsible to allow such a statement to be aired. I don't care who said it first, if it was a police officer or if it was the BBC reporter. It's not a statement that should be publicised, because all it does is feed stigma.