"Notes to self about self-care?"

So, recently I was asked if I make notes to myself to help me stay on top of self care...the truth is, I don't! Not exactly, at least.

Now, I'm not saying that I shouldn't start, because I probably should. At the end of May I got dangerously close to burnout because things got a little chaotic. Lots of things started to move very quickly, and I found myself getting overwhelmed.

At the moment, my self care consists of climbing mountains once a week, and the odd evening with friends. So when work piles up, I end up skipping out on evenings with friends to get caught up, and I end up having no time to wind down and have a laugh; it turns out whilst climbing mountains makes me feel good, it's not particularly good as a relaxation method.

So it's in my best interest to get all of my work done on time so that I'm not stressing. So rather than writing reminders to look after myself, I write lists of things that I need to do. The logic there is if I get everything done, the remaining time is open for self-care.

I'll talk more about my latest method of listing things in a future blog post. For now I'm going to finish up by thanking the person who asked me this, because I honestly think I'm going to start utilising it. After all, it's important! If I don't look after myself, there's no way I'm going to get everything done. Maybe my priorities are slightly askew...