"Feeling numb?"

I chose to write about this today simply because I'm feeling so numb right now. I'd almost forgotten how it felt because I've spent so long working flat out or partaking in adrenaline inducing activities. For months, I've always felt something, be it good or bad.

The last time I felt so emotionally incapacitated was when I was in New York, sitting by the water next to the Brooklyn Bridge. It was the most beautiful sight I've ever seen, and possibly ever will see. Yet, despite its beauty, I didn't feel anything. I was aware of the incredible sight stretched out in front of me, but it didn't take my breath away, or make me feel happy. I just sat there feeling nothing.

In that situation there wasn't a huge amount I could do other than hang around and let my travelling companions enjoy the moment.

However, on days like today, there are so many things that I can (and probably will) do to try to break the bubble separating me from everyone around me. I might read, or watch an emotionally charged film. I could walk one of the dogs.

I guess that's the best advice I can give to someone who's feeling numb. Try to remember what normally makes you feel something. If there's anything that you can do right then and there, then do that.

Hopefully that helps you destroy the emotional barrier. It's tough, but know that I'm thinking of you!