"What are your insecurities?"

I think this question comes from a place of needing to know we "aren't the only one". In short, I get very insecure, about absolutely everything.

I get insecure about my weight, how pale I am, my eyebrows, the quality of my skin, how thin my hair is, literally everything physical you can think of. My teeth, my fingernails, my scars, everything. I even get insecure about my mental health - can you believe it? I hide that one well.

So listing all of my insecurities would take a while. A long while.

Instead of listing everything I get insecure about, I'm just going to say this:
Insecurities are normal. We all have them. As long as they don't develop into unhealthy obsessions, then they're normal. Just take a little time for self-love, and you'll be on your way to conquering these insecurities. You are a beautiful human. I love you. x