"Why are you so open?"

People are often confused by how open I am about my experiences with mental illness. I think it's because we're conditioned to not talk about such things. Often, when we do talk openly, it's seen as "oversharing".

To me, it's perfectly normal discussion that we need to have. If we bottle such things up, we give them opportunity to metastasise, and as they do, just like any illness, they start to slowly destroy us. They begin affecting our physical health. It's no longer just a mental illness, yet I guarantee you that people will be more comfortable talking about your physical health than your mental health, even though it's your mental health at the root of your problems.

I want to change that. In order to change it, I'm leading by example, and it's working! Friends I never knew struggled with mental health issues have started talking openly with me about panic attacks, depression, self harm. It's incredible to see the conversation open up.

One of the scariest things about mental illness, for me, is the isolation. So yes, I do feel better when I talk about it, be it in confidence with a friend, or openly on the internet with you, my readers. I'm sure that I can't possibly be the only person who finds talking helpful. Even if it doesn't help ease the burden of mental illness, it stops you feeling so alone. Surely that's worth something, right?

On that note, I'm always open to guest bloggers. I'm hoping to have one guest blogger per month. If you'd like to write a piece with view to it being featured on my blog, say hi and tell me about yourself.  Let's open up the conversation amongst your friendship circle.