"Why do you do this?"

It's human nature to suspect people of doing things solely for personal gain, so I never blame anyone who questions my motives. It's true that I hope to one day sustain myself using my mental health work; however that's because it's what I love doing and I want to do it full-time.

I ignore office hours, I work through the night most nights. I'd intended never to work on a weekend, however despite the fact that the blog doesn't get updated on weekends, I generally spend the weekend writing. I'm always approx. three weeks ahead of the blog because I spend all my spare time writing and scheduling posts.

That is not for personal gain. That is because of the feedback I receive about my site and the content of my blog. I've yet to receive any negative feedback; so far, everything has been phenomenally positive! Every time I hear that my site has helped someone I can't help but smile, because that's why I set it up.

I'm in this to help people. My tip jar exists to help me maintain the site because my financial situation is unpredictable from one week to the next. It's also going to help me expand the site and help more people. As yet, I haven't made a profit, or even broken even. I'm putting all of my resources into this, financially and mentally.

I do this because I want to change the world for current and future generations.