"Do you get anxious running this site?"

I'd be lying if I said the weight of the site on my shoulders didn't make me anxious. Though, that said, it's not anxiety caused directly by the site. Thinking about it, I think it boils down to three things:

1. Money - I've mentioned before that my financial situation is rocky for the time being. I'm hoping to work on that as time goes on, but in the meantime the website is running month-to-month. It's a little scary, because when you start getting messages from people who find what you're doing to be helpful and of value, it adds responsibility. That's where the tip jar comes in. When you're reading this the site will be nearly two months old, and the website's being kept running by donations alone right now.

2. Content - I worry massively about falling behind with content. I'll be honest, I like to stay three weeks ahead with blog posts. Basically, what I mean by that is I'm writing this post approx. three weeks before you're reading it, and scheduling it to go out on the next empty weekday. Why do I like to stay three weeks ahead? Because if I have a mental "stumble", it gives me a couple of weeks to recompose myself before I have to get back to work.

3. Newsletter - As I write this, the newsletter is two weeks old and a source of major panic for me! Because I'm so new to all this technical stuff, like running a site and writing / sending a newsletter, I make mistakes. Like this week, I pressed "send" rather than "schedule" and sent a newsletter on Monday rather than Friday. Oops. So everyone ended up with a newsletter full of dead links that were supposed to lead to blog posts...but didn't, because they hadn't been published yet!

So, in short, yes, I get super anxious about the site. However, I feel like I should stress that it's a manageable anxiety. Not like the anxiety of getting a text from the benefits office telling you that they scheduled an appointment for you...the following day, when you've no access to transport and can't afford a cab because they pay you peanuts!