"What are your fears?"

Over time I've become reasonably good at hiding my anxiety and not letting on that I have fears and worries just like everyone else. However I am a human being, and I do worry about things. I do have some major fears.

Probably one of my biggest fears is that I'll never be independent. I'll never earn enough money to be able to move out of my parents' house and get my own place, that I'll never have the experience of picking out colours for the walls of my own apartment or house, or going shopping for furniture or wall art to make my abode truly mine.

I worry that I'll never have the money to learn to drive or buy my own car, so that I won't even have independence to travel. I can't stand relying on people to get me places or having to plan entire journeys so that public transport lines up with my plans.

It's fair to say that a lot of my fears are based on relying on others. Thinking about it, I suspect that comes from a fear of trusting people in case I get let down.

Then of course most of my fears are also based on money. That probably comes from a place of always been in overdraft, and always having £30 fees at the start of each month, and knowing I'm losing hundreds of pounds a year to the bank. I've never been brilliant with money. Plus the fact that my sole income at the moment is from benefits...yeah, things are pretty hand-to-mouth a lot of the time!