"Most effective professional treatment for you?"

So in my last blog post I talked about the two things that have really helped me in managing my anxiety and depression. The most effective way for me to help myself is by helping others, however the most effective treatment I've experienced so far has been CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy).

In years gone by I've tried a variety of treatments, ranging from standard counselling, to art therapy when I was hospitalised, to mindfulness, also in hospital, to medication, which was also in hospital. None of these worked for me. I acknowledge that they've worked wonders for others, however for me...not so much.

So when my GP referred me for CBT, I'll admit I was cynical. I expected it to be just as aimless and unhelpful as counselling had been years before.

I knew from session 1 that this was going to be different. Session 2? That session completely altered my opinion of CBT. One hour of CBT helped me work through two months of self-blame relating to sexual assault. I got home and cried from sheer relief having said for the first time "it's not my fault".

In session 3 I was able to let go of something someone said to me three years ago: "you are the reason everything around you is going wrong. You are the problem." That's a tough thing for a 16 year old to hear, and it's something I'll admit I've carried with me for years. Being able to acknowledge the falseness of that statement was liberating.

So without doubt, CBT is the most effective professional treatment I have ever received!