"Worst thing to say?"

So when I got this question, it stumped me. I racked my brains for a good 10 minutes, remembering all the horrible things people have said to me, and wondering what the worst was.

Then I realised.

"It's like you don't actually want to get better."

Someone said this to me a couple of years ago, and it floored me. I couldn't believe anyone would actually think that I wanted to feel the way I did. That I wanted to feel so much self loathing that I would physically harm myself, isolate myself, fail my GCSEs in a spectacular fashion.

What I wanted was to feel normal. To be able to study, pass my GCSEs, go to college, go to university, get a job, be the kind of person that society told me I had to be if I wanted to be successful.

In conclusion...don't say stuff like that to someone who's struggling with their mental health. It isn't helpful, in fact, it's pretty twisted and detrimental.