"What do you really want to do with your life?"

At surface level, it seems like such a simple question. It's only when you really begin to think about it that you realise how complex it is.

What are you really passionate about? There are so many things that I love, but there is only one thing that I am really, truly passionate about, and that's creating a kinder world for people living with mental illness.

When I was in school, I experienced bullying when people found out I was self harming. How did people find out? Because someone I trusted announced that I'd been self harming for attention.

It's the memories of that day that spur me on. My long-term goal is to get mental health on the curriculum. My short-term goal is to do the work myself, reaching out to students to create a better understanding surrounding mental health. I want to foster an environment where people who are struggling are faced with unbreakable support, not stigma.

When we create a world where everyone can talk openly about how they are feeling, where boys and men aren't told to "man up", and girls and women aren't told that they're "hormonal", we create a world where people no longer feel like they should hide.

When people no longer feel like they should hide, we will start paving the way for future generations. One day, mental health will no longer be a difficult subject. One day, it will be treated with the same compassion and sensitivity as any physical illness.