It's okay to be "busy". | A Hug From Me To You

There was no blog post yesterday. I was "busy". No, I wasn't out doing things with friends or even interacting with family. I was sitting in bed, and from the outside, it looked as though I was doing nothing.

The truth is, I was sorting through my head and trying to quiet each panicky thought. I was busy trying to stop myself from drowning in my own mind. It's left me feeling pretty guilty because I'm planning to reduce the number of blog posts I publish each week starting in January.

But the thing is, it's okay to be busy. I've learned the hard way that if I don't take the time to look after my mind it leads to a longer period of absence down the line. So I've fought the guilt and I've taken the time to make sure I'm a bit more stable before throwing myself back into writing.

I'm planning to write a little extra in the run up to the New Year in an attempt to make up for this latest absence. I've become a tad nostalgic in the last few days, so it should be fairly "easy" to rustle up a few extra pieces. In my nostalgia, I've been able to put my finger on a few lessons I've learned throughout the last twelve months. It's been quite the year.

Love to everyone,
Megan xx