"How do you feel about the approach of a new year?"

In the past, I've found myself having a panic attack in the minutes before the clock struck 12, heralding a new year. I vividly remember one year, I was hysterical and telling a friend I wasn't ready for a new year yet. I had things I wanted to fix, mistakes I'd made in the year that was about to end.

This year couldn't be more different. I said recently "I have a feeling I'll arrive in 2017 breathless, feeling like I've run a marathon, and looking for the next challenge". Well, I've found the next challenge(s). I'm pleased to say that next year, I'm going to be taking my work to England once again. More on that another day.

I'm also planning to start quite the writing project next year. We're in the region of 200 posts on this website now, and I want to grow. I've spent the last couple of weeks researching publishing agencies. Take that information how you wish.

Of course, with this new writing project looming in addition to the odd trip to England, I'm going to have less time to write for this site. So, the plan is to possibly reduce posts to three times a week. I hope you're all okay with that. There are plenty in the archives, and a search bar at the base of the website. I'm sure you haven't read all 200 posts yet! And at the end of it all, I shall hopefully have something bigger and better for you all to read.

In short, I've decided to make 2017 "my year". 2016 has been a rollercoaster, with lots of incredible opportunities, but it's also thrown more than its fair share of punches. So next year is going to be the year that I get up and fulfill a couple of dreams.

I'm glad to have had you all by my side this year. Thank you.

M xx