"Remembering your roots?"

Whilst I can hardly define myself as "successful" in this moment, I have spent the last few days remembering where I started. I recently got myself into a bit of a state, realising that the articles I once wrote for a website were probably gone for good now that the website has ceased to exist.

Here's the thing, whilst I was only 16 at the time, it was the first time I'd ever done any sort of writing on a regular basis. I loved it! And despite my age, every time I spoke with the co-founder to submit a new article, she was incredibly encouraging.

So, when it occurred to me last night that the articles may well still exist in the form of attachments to old emails, I went digging. Successful in my search, I started reading both articles and the exchanges that took place between myself and the co-founder. One, in particular, had me weeping, as I thought of all the people who have since echoed those words: "Megan, we need more people like you to speak up on these issues. Don't ever give up Megan. Yours is a voice that should be heard and cherished. You have so much to contribute to the world. (Not to mention that you are obviously a talented writer...). Sue."
Now, I may have forgotten those words for a while, but I never forgot writing for that website. I say this about so many opportunities I've been given over the years, but I'm not sure I'd be where I am today had I not started by writing for Sue's website. Looking back, I'm blown away by the support and encouragement she gave me.

Sue, on the off-chance you wind up reading this post, thank you. I'll not be forgetting where those words originally came from again. My life's come full circle since then, and I'm glad to be back to writing.