"New Year's resolutions, yay or nay?" | Holiday Season Hints

Okay, so I know this is all a bit ahead of schedule, it only being the 1st of December! However, I figured we should get on this now because some people will probably be setting aside money for New Year gym memberships soon.

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret: I don't do New Year's resolutions anymore! It was the same every year: I'm going to get down to a UK Size 10 this year! Now here I am, a UK size 16, and happily not dragging myself to the gym every day to make the most of a membership I can't afford.

Here's the thing; I think New Year's resolutions often come down to setting ourselves up for failure. We'll set something we think is totally achievable, then this irritating little thing called life gets in the way. Or this terrifying big thing called mental illness strolls up and laughs in our face. Either way, by the time the end of the year rolls around, we find ourselves looking back and questioning whether or not that one trip to the gym counts as sticking to our resolutions, or if the extra glass of water every day for all of a week at the start of the year counted as sticking to our resolutions.

So these days I wonder, what is the point?

A good friend of mine does things a bit differently, and I think she's on the right track. Instead of resolutions, she picks three words and decides what they mean to her. Generally, these come down to personal growth.

I think the words I picked at the start of the year were travel, kindness, and recovery. I look back now, with the end of the year approaching, and I realise I've kept all three words close to my heart, living by them every step of the way.

So how about it? When this month draws to a close, pick three words to live by for the next 12 months. Let me know what you come up with!