"Turning 'negative' emotions into something positive?"

Recently I've been thinking about what defines a 'negative' emotion. For this post, I'm going to focus largely on envy. Now, envy is considered so bad that it's considered a sin in Christianity. Personally, I think it can actually be quite healthy and can aid in personal growth.

Think about it, envy can drive us to become either bitter or better. Is it really so bad if we make sure we're on course to become better? I know there are a number of prominent mental health campaigners that I'm slightly envious towards, however, that doesn't mean I'm bitter towards them! Rather, I admire them immensely.

So, looking at envy, it's clear to me that some 'negative' emotions can actually be manipulated so that they become conducive to productivity. How many others are there?

Have you ever seen posts floating around social media where people thank the people who hurt them because they've shown them who they don't want to become? So maybe even anger can be turned into something positive. If it leads to us trying to be the best people we can possibly be - something we should all be aiming for anyway - then is it really so bad?

Are there any 'negative' emotions you can think of that drive us to be better people? Does whether an emotion is positive or negative simply depend on what you decide to do with it?