To those who are ready to give up.

Since the election results, I've seen a worrying number of reports about people belonging to minority groups taking their own lives. It's breaking my heart knowing the pain and fear that those people are experiencing. Tragically, it is too late to talk to those people, to try to tell them that it's worth sticking around. However, there are many people out there still hurting and with whom we can still talk.


Dear You,

I know. It hurts. It's a fist to the gut and a kick to the face. I know.

Those tears that have been falling down your cheeks since the news broke, they've been falling down mine too. That heaviness in your heart, it's weighing me down too.

There is no denying the fact that the future is uncertain. You and I probably face different uncertainties, however, I am right beside you through this. We are both facing what can, at times, seem like an impossibly difficult road.

Here's the thing, though: the future has always been uncertain. We've never known what will happen tomorrow, let alone across the course of the next four years. All this election has done is make us acutely aware of that fact.

Yet, despite the uncertainty we've faced in the past, we have made the decision each day to keep moving. So that's what we need to do now. We need to keep moving. It's scary. I know it's scary, but we must keep moving anyway. Now more than ever.

I will stand by you, I will hold your hand, and we will make our voices heard together.

We can do this. We will be stronger together.

I love you.

Megan xx