"Is it necessary to have a lot of friends?"

In a world where social media is increasingly becoming the centre of most peoples' lives, my own included, it's easy to become obsessed with numbers. People who had no interest in maths at school suddenly become inclined to add up their Twitter followers, Facebook friends, Instagram followers, and Snapchat buddies. Nowadays, when we look up from our phones, we find ourselves in a world where people judge their worth by the number of likes they got on their last profile picture.

My contention is that you don't need an enormous following in order to make someone's world a little brighter. You don't need hundreds of likes or comments on a poetic post on Instagram to send a meaningful message into the world.

You also don't need the world's longest friends list to prove that people love you.

It's enough just to have a handful of close friends. I'd even argue that it's actually better to have a handful of close friends, because I promise you that your 500 Facebook friends don't know you well enough to know when you aren't yourself.

At the moment, I have 222 friends on Facebook. However, I can count my closest friends on one hand. Those are the friends who hear the things I don't say. They're the people who recognise when I'm quiet and ask me what's going on in my head at the moment. They are MY people.

Who are YOUR people? Do you know who your people are? Do you have someone who hears the things that you don't say?