"Has the behaviour of others forced you to grow as a person?"

In the last few days I've experienced one incident of assault and two of harassment. Thankfully, on this occasion the assault was relatively mild. It basically boiled down to a man trying to kiss me, holding me against my will, and trying to convince me to go to bed with him. The next case of harassment involved a man getting naked and trying to get into bed alongside me - having already tried to get into bed alongside another woman and been pushed onto the floor.

However, I can say with confidence that I have grown as a person, because when I was first assaulted last year, I didn't put up a fight. When I was being held against my will, I was struggling against his arms. When he was trying to kiss me, I was repeatedly saying "no". When the other man tried to get into bed with me, I told him "no", and eventually threatened to call the police. The following morning I reported it to the management of where I was staying.

When you compare that to last year, things have definitely changed. Last year I was even considering keeping things entirely to myself, never telling anyone what had happened. This year I made it clear on every occasion that these advances were completely unwelcome and unappreciated.

So yes, the behaviour of other people has forced me to grow, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The behaviour itself is awful, but some of the outcomes are positive in that I'm becoming a stronger person. I'm more inclined to hold my ground against such creeps now, and in this world, that can only be a positive thing.